"Good Vibes Only,” has been the unofficial motto of Leanne Nicole since its opening in 2020. From the beginning, our goal has been simple; to hand-make products that spark good vibes. Each item is handmade in St. Louis, Missouri with the simple intention to inspire positive energy through each piece.

Our founder, Leanne Guthrie had been a collector of gemstones years before deciding to jump into the world of creating gemstone jewelry for others. A creative since childhood, Leanne had made jewelry as a hobby before taking the leap to create full time. Each design is created by Leanne, inspired by travel, her two black cats Wednesday & Salem, and the everyday “good vibes” of life.

Many believe in the spiritual powers of crystals, others simply enjoy the natural beauty minerals from the earth offer. Our products are for everyone. This is why we offer an array of sizing on our website. We do not believe in “one-size-fits-all” ultra-stretchy bracelets. Ours are durable and built to last, sized to whatever you need.

Leanne Nicole is a woman-owned and operated business based out of St. Louis, Missouri. We are proud to sell not only to our wonderful online customers, but to customers inside stores across the United States. We appreciate you visiting our site.

Peace & Love 

- Leanne Nicole